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An elopement / wedding photography blog by Alixann Loosle Photography, Portland, Oregon based photographer.

Elopement | Redwood Deck, Hoyt Arboretum | Portland, Oregon


Amanda + Evan’s Redwood Deck Elopement

I really loved getting to know this couple. Amanda is a botanist and Evan is a Musician. Amanda has a super cool-yet-classy, east coast style and refined taste. Evan is one of those people that you know you could have a good conversation about anything with. Together, they are unique, cultured, and classy.

They decided to hold their wedding at The Redwood Deck at Hoyt Arboretum. Placing chairs on the deck and hiring violinists took the deck up a couple of notches, while still feeling low-key-Portland. The ceremony was sweet and intimate, followed by a few pics at the Arboretum. The lighting was PERFECTION. Cloudy, soft lighting is so flattering and it allows you to be able to shoot anywhere. We got some great pics with the huge Redwood trees and paths.

After that, we all drover over to Suzette, a Creperie on Belmont. The space felt so intimate and warm. It felt a lot like a NYC restaurant, which is where Amanda’s family is from. The food was to-die-for, and everyone talked, ate, drank, and relaxed. Only close friends and family were invited, and you could feel the closeness of the group. My goal was to emulate those vibes with my images. Enjoy!


MUAH: Kelli Thomsen Beauty

Florist: Color Theory Design Co

Officiant: Heart Crafted Ceremonies

Dress: Lena Medoyeff
Rings: Gem Set Love
Groom’s suit: Collier
Dinner: Suzette
Venue: Hoyt Arboretum

A few notes from the bride..

The arch at the ceremony was our florist Alyssa’s.

We did not have a planner.
I hand-wrote / addressed all of the invitations, but Jehnee at Suzette (owner) printed the menus that were at dinner herself.

The rug at the ceremony belongs to Evan’s aunt.

My earrings are family heirlooms as well.

MUAH were done for me, my mom, and Nicole (My best man/brother Michael’s girlfriend)