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Bridal | Midway, Utah


Ken + Kal’s Utah Mountain Bridals

Ah, these two were a BLAST to work with. I was so excited when Ken asked me to take her bridals. I was so bummed that I was already booked for her wedding date, but we were able to work it out while I was in town in Utah for the bridal session. Ken’s fiance Kal is clearly a perfect match for her. Ken is wild/fun and Kal is calm and… still fun. They both laughed and giggled the entire time. Their chemistry was so easy and free.

Let’s talk about Ken’s dress. She literally found it at a thrift store! She walked in, saw it on the mannequin, and asked to try it on. When the shop owner said it was extremely delicate, and that it had to be sold as-is, Ken knew she was taking a risk, but she HAD to have that dress. Luckily, it fit BEAUTIFULLY. The dress is so “her”. Unique, classic, high-fashion, and vintage, all rolled into one. Ken is a member of the band The Aces and has a definite rocker girl vibe to her. I’m not sure how she incorporated that into her style for her bridals, but she somehow did it perfectly. Great job, girl!