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Engagement Photos | Tipsoo Lake | Mount Rainier, Washington


Rhianon + Norris’ Foggy Lake Engagements

Rhianon and Norris came in from Canada to get some beautiful, epic engagement photos taken at Tipsoo Lake in Washington near Mount Rainier. I was honored they asked me to be their photographer and I took the drive from Portland, Oregon. When we found out it was going to rain and possibly snow, we decided to power through the shoot anyway! We are sooo happy we did. The fog made for such unique, dramatic images. You couldn’t see Mount Rainier in the background, but the images are much more intimate and dramatic than what we ever imagined!

Hello, I’m Alixann Loosle. I am a wedding and elopement photographer living in Portland, Oregon and servicing the PNW. I love hiking, camping, city-life, and travel. Feel free to explore my site!