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Engagement Photos | Cape Kiwanda, Oregon Coast


Elssie + Ryan’s Edgy Cape Kiwanda Engagements

Elssie + Ryan took a trip from Utah to the Portland, starting in Vancouver, hitting Seattle, and then down to Oregon for the weekend. We shot our engagements on the coast at Cape Kiwanda.

The day of their shoot was absolutely ridiculous weather-wise.  We arrived at Cape Kiwanda and the sun was popping out, but as soon as we started shooting, it started raining and hailing. We stood under our umbrellas for about 10 minutes, to find the sun popping out again. We pushed through some really crazy weather and ended up with some amazing shots! Elssie and Ryan both have such cool style and it was so fun to shoot a couple that was into a more relaxed feel. No heels and dresses for these two--casual, comfortable, yet stylish is definitely the way to go! So glad to be their wedding photographer!

Enjoy! xo


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