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Lightroom Presets for Wedding Photographers

An array of presets for wedding photographers who use Lightroom.

Alixann Loosle Preset

Alixann Loosle Preset


Creamy whites, sandy mid-tones, and hazy blue skies. This is a very versatile preset that I use on most of my images.


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Creamy Preset

This preset emphasizes warm skin tones for film look and feel. I desaturate harsh colors so that greens become easier on the eyes and bright blue skies feel natural. Shadows are softened and filled with detail. Whites are brought down to ensure they are never blown out and are given a soft, creamy tone. The tone curve is contrasted yet soft. It has a milky flow with a tight color palette. Because I’ve shot editorial work for magazines, I need a preset that is professional, yet does not completely wash out all of the color in an image. This preset is classic and timeless.