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3 Reasons to Hire a Documentary Wedding Photographer

Alixann Loosle Photography, Portland Oregon, gives her top 3 reasons to hire a documentary style wedding photographer.

 3 Reasons to Hire a Documentary Wedding Photographer

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  1. Natural feeling wedding portraits

You know those wedding images from the late 90’s where the groom is standing behind the bride with his arms around her waist, her hands are perfectly positioned on his to show her wedding ring, and they’re both smiling at you Ted Bundy style? Let’s avoid that. The goal is to find a wedding photographer who will shoot the REAL you. Look for work that feel natural and includes only a few of the cheesy smiling-at-the-camera images. Yes, your mom probably will love a few traditional images, but that’s probably not what YOU want. Since moving to Portland, Oregon last year, I’ve been so happy to see brides here looking for something real and organic when it comes to wedding photography!

2. Your wedding images will tell a story

The goal is to see a complete story of your wedding day, not just a few highlights. A lot of photographers will only give you a few edited images that they perceive to be the “best’ of the day. The truth is, a good photographer can make the most of almost any lighting situation and will not be afraid to take photos at any point throughout the day. When you see the album, it should feel almost like watching a movie of your wedding.

3. candids, candids, candids

Bride + Groom portraits are so great and are totally necessary, but they only take up about an hour of your wedding day. The rest of the time, things may feel a bit chaotic and you may not think this is the time for wedding photos. However, a good photographer knows how to predict and capture the most intimate moments. You and your bridesmaids rushing down the stairs to the ceremony, your fiance hugging his grandma just after the ceremony, or your niece eating ice cream like a maniac and spilling it all over herself. These are the REAL moments. You won’t get to see all of these moments, so be sure to hire a photographer that will watch for and capture them for you. Whether you’re getting married in Portland, Oregon, Italy, or anywhere else in the world, I highly recommend hiring someone who will capture ALL aspects of your wedding day.

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