3 Traits to Look for in a Wedding Photographer


My Top Rated Traits

Hello, I am a Portland, Oregon wedding photographer! After having friends be disappointed with their wedding photos, I wanted to create a post to advise on what traits to look for in a wedding photographer. If you’re a new bride, I realize it’s your first time hiring a photographer and it can be difficult to know what to look for. From an insider’s perspective, these are the top 3 traits I would look for in hiring a wedding photographer for my own self!

  1. Style/Consistency

The first thing that will draw you to a photographer’s work is obviously their style. The way they shoot, direct, and edit comes together to form their signature style. You want to make sure you feel the ambiance/vibes of their work because these are images you will look at for years to come. Make sure you connect with their work. However, it’s important to also be sure they are consistent. Photographers post a few of their best images on Instagram, but I highly recommend spending a great deal of time on their website to make sure their style is also consistent throughout each body of work they post.

2. Reviews

This one seems obvious to me, but I’ve definitely heard of people hiring photographers without checking out their reviews. Check out their Google, Wedding Wire, Knot, and Yelp pages to make sure their customers are happy with what they’ve done. Also, read what their past clients write and make sure the attributes that were important to them are also important to you.

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3. Responsiveness

Fill out an inquiry form or send the photographer an email. They should respond within 1-2 days. If they take longer, and aren’t out of the office, move on. From there, make sure there is a strong back-and-forth. The speed of their response will continue throughout the wedding process and displays the value they put on customer service. Some photographers take on more work than they can handle, which means less time spent on each individual wedding. Make sure your photographer has the time/attention to give to your wedding.

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Hello, I’m Alixann Loosle. I am a wedding and elopement photographer living in Portland, Oregon and servicing the PNW. I love hiking, camping, city-life, and travel. Feel free to explore my site!