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Information about my upcoming LR preset launch.


My photography newsletter

I am obsessed with the editing process..

Since I was 16, I would watch my Dad edit his images in Photoshop. I loved to watch how the photos changed from start to finish, from desaturating blues, to popping reds or yellows, to heavy mid-tones, I was in awe of what editing could do to change a photo. Understanding Lightroom and its tools became an obsession for me.

Fast-forward 13 years later, and I’ve literally seen every editing trend that has taken place in the wedding and fashion world. Over the years, I’ve developed and perfected my techniques and editing choices to become what they are today. I love to experiment with different color schemes, in order to bring out the perfect combinations in my images. I’ve decided to start a newsletter in which I will discuss tips and techniques I’ve learned over the years, as well as new techniques I see people using. I will also be launching my own preset pack in the near future, so keep a look-out!

I will also be sharing photography tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years—how to handle all types of lighting situations, and many other issues that come up!

If you’d like updates on the progress, as well as insider info and discounts, please join my mailing list!

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