Coleman Family Photos (Orem, Utah)

People often email me asking if I do family portraits…

the answer is YES, I love to do them! I tend to take a more abstract and candid approach with them. Although I do appreciate the value of having some nice shots where the entire family is smiling at the camera, I also love lots of natural candids that show the family in a more abstract and natural setting… the way you probably view your family in reality, with protective motherly gazes, a father's natural tendency to throw the child on his shoulders, and parents holding hands and trustingly looking into each other's eyes. When these movements come naturally during the chaos of family photos, I snap my photo.

Here's a sweet session I shot last spring that I wanted to repost to get people excited for their fall portraits. I have quite a few this year and am still booking!


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I just wanted to give a little background to the shoot below. The first pictures is baby Astrid.. I shot it waaaaay back when she was born. Afton, the beautiful mother, wanted to use the same bowl for Agnes' baby photos. I love that both sisters have newborn photos in the bowl.